Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry


Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry


The 20th Annual Meeting & Scientific Session

2024.5.31 ~ 6.2
venue:Tokyo Midtown Hall & Conference

President of the 20th JAMD Annual Meeting

This year's conference marks the 20th meeting of the Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry. As the 20th conference, it will be held for 2.5 days, including Friday afternoon, instead of 2 days in previous years. Twenty years ago, I remember how happy I was to own a microscope and to see a magnified image.

Nowadays, microscopy is an indispensable part of treatment by global standards, and it is important to know how to interpret images under the microscope and how to use the microscope to stabilize long-term prognosis. In addition, the treatment must be based on the evidence of microscopy that has been accumulated over the past 20 years. On the other hand, the current state of dentistry in Japan is not so good. It can be said that we are "moving in our direction" due to the unique Japanese system. By the way, the slogan for this year's conference of the Society of Microscopic Dentistry is "Focusing on the Future: Toward the Forefront of Global Standards." I believe that Japanese doctors are among the best in terms of their eagerness to learn and their sincere attitude toward their patients. By attending lectures and hands-on courses given by professors currently active in the world's academic societies, we hope that Japanese dentistry will once again become one of the world's top-class dental schools. The highlight of the conference will be a series of lectures and hands-on courses by doctors currently active in international academic societies.

The highlight of the conference will be the three invited speakers from overseas.
First, Dr. Adham Azim is a doctor who has established evidence for the treatment of through-and-through regions, which were previously thought to be "acceptable if there are no symptoms," by applying advanced statistical processing to a treatment method that takes into account the long-term prognosis in cases where surgical endodontic treatment has failed. Despite being only 39 years old, he has been the lead professor at the University at Buffalo and Pacific University and was the number one popular speaker at the 2023 AAE.
Dr. Jerry Lin graduated from Taipei Medical University and then completed the postgraduate program at Harvard University. His speciality was periodontology and oral biology. Currently, he teaches at Taipei Medical University and Harvard University. He is known as a "teaching professional'' and has been running his own training center since 2007.
Dr. Lin specializes in periodontal regenerative procedures for teeth with zero-wall defects as well as guided bone regeneration due to implantitis.
In this hands-on course and lecture, he will address regenerative therapy for cases mentioned above, and show that it is still possible to regenerate aleveolar bone surrounding the root where the tooth would be otherwise extracted and replaced with an implant.
Dr. Shanon Patel is a professor at King's College London and also runs his clinic. His systematic reviews are characterized by statistical analysis of various cases, and he has knowledge of data on extra-root resorption in particular. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and has been "in demand" at conferences around the world.

We hope that all participants will experience firsthand the high level of evidence and objectivity of these doctors' lectures, and take away something new. In addition, we are planning to call for general abstracts by category at this year's conference. This is in line with the approach of global conferences such as AAE, This way, we can provide information to participants in advance so that they can enjoy the conference in a more meaningful way. We hope that the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Microscopic Dentistry in 2024 will serve as the first step to reaffirm the current status of dentistry in Japan and to make a great leap forward.
We look forward to your participation!

Overseas invited lecturer

Dr. Shanon Patel

Improving the longevity of
root treated teeth

Dr. Shanon Patel

Professor of Endodontology King's College London & Dawood Tanner Specialist Practice.

Dr. Adham Abdel Azim

Microsurgery within the Hour! –
A guide to an efficient surgical treatment

Dr. Adham Abdel Azim

Director of the Post-Graduate Program at University of the Pacific

Advanced periodontal regeneration :
to build up bone from zero walls and to enhance vertical ridge augmentation

Dr. Jerry Lin

Assistant professor, Taipei Medical University


Keynote Speech

Instrument retrieval from a global standpoint and future directions of instrument retrieval

Dr.Yoshitsugu Terauchi

Dr.Yoshitsugu Terauchi

President of the 20th JAMD Annual Meeting

Memorial Lecture

The history of JAMD from 2004

Dr.Yasuhisa Tsujimoto

Dr.Yasuhisa Tsujimoto

Former Professor of Nihon University
Clinical Professor of Matsumoto Dental University


Harmonizing Visualization Techniques:
Enhancing Western Microscopic Dentistry within the Japanese Cultural Framework

Emeritus Professor. Shigeo Suzuki

Emeritus Professor. Shigeo Suzuki

Graduate School of Humanities at Nagoya University

Dr.Toshiki Sakuma

Dr.Toshiki Sakuma

Jinseikai Shineicho dental clinic

Dr.Jun Mitsuhashi

Dr.Jun Mitsuhashi

Dental Mitsuhashi

Educational Lecture

Current status of Robotic surgery

Professor. Yusuke Kinugasa

Professor. Yusuke Kinugasa

Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery,
Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Dental Hygienist Symposium

Using Microscopes are the current standard for dental hygienists

DH Fumiko Washiya

DH Fumiko Washiya

Kasahara Dental Office

DH Mitsuko Kono

DH Mitsuko Kono

Kitamichi Dental Clinic

DH Yumi Sato

DH Yumi Sato

Medical Corporation Kousoukai Ichikawa Dental

Dental Hygienist SeminarVenue Room9

Let's get more dental hygienists presenting too!

  • DH Mika Sinonaga Dental Clinic K

  • DH Junko Komiya Umemura Dental Clinic

  • DH Kozue Masuda Medical Corporation Hachiryukai Corporation SUZUKI DENTAL CLINIC

  • DH Kokoro Ueda Takei Dental Clinic

  • DH Keiko Kokubo Keyaki Dental Clinic

  • DH Eiko Kodazima You Dental Clinic

  • DH Asami Nojima You Dental Clinic

Hands-on Seminar

  • Dr.Yoshitsugu Terauchi(President of the 20th JAMD Annual Meeting)

  • Dr.Hiroki Isozaki(clinical instructor of JAMD)

  • Dr.Adham Abdel Azim(Keynote Speech)

  • Dr.Jerry Lin(Keynote Speech)

  • Dr.Shanon Patel(Keynote Speech)

President's Award Commemorative Lecture

  • Yoshiko Ichida Department of General Dentistry, Kanagawa Dental University

Lunchtime Seminar

TOKYO SHIZAISHA Carl Zeiss 比較歯科学研究会 nishikibe
  • Junichi Watahiki Daikanyama Address Dental Clinic(by TOKYO SHIZAISHA)

  • Masayuki Okawa Daikanyama Address Dental Clinic(by Carl Zeiss)

  • Shota Higuchi D.V.D.S.(Doctor of Veterinary Dental surgery)

  • Chieko Hayashi NEXT-DENTAL Soleil maintenance clinic



General presentations(Oral presentations,Poster presentations)
Beer party seminar (soeasy Co., Ltd.)


Time Schedule

  • 5.31Friday
  • 6.1Saturday
  • 6.2Sunday
5.31 time schedule
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6.2 time schedule


Tokyo Midtown Hall & Conference 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

Toei Oedo Line
Directly connected to Roppongi Station Exit 8
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Approximately 3 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station Exit 3
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Directly connected to Roppongi Station via underground passage
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
Roppongi 1-chome Station About 10 minutes walk from the exit