Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry

『We will provide all presentation or symposium only in Japanese on April 24th and 25th. English version will be provided from April 29th until May 9th.』


Day 1: April 24 (Sat)
9:00~ Oral Presentation(Streaming services)
15:00~ Opening Ceremony
15:10~ Keynote Lecture【Abstract】  
 ・Hiroaki Ozaki (Fukuoka University)
  【Dawn and evolution of microsurgery in medicine ーRecommendations for the MIS eraー】
16:00~ Special Session
 The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED)Members
 ・Jorge Zapata
 ・Wayne Remington
16:50~ Corporate Seminar1
17:40~ President Award Lecture【Abstract】
 ・Jun Mitsuhashi(Tokyo)
  【Consecutive cemental tear in the same oral cavity:case report】

Day 2: April 25 (Sun)
9:00~ Symposium1  "MY STYLE" - Know-How-Now -【Abstract】
  ・Daisuke Nagao (Ibaraki)
  【Let's expand the periodontal pocket without making an incision.~Minimally Invasive Periodontal Surgery~】
 ・Kotaro Tsuchida (Miyazaki)
  【Management of minimally invasive surgical technique.】
 ・Ayumi Kato (Gifu)
  【Periodontal maintenance using the microscope】
 ・Mika Shinonaga(Saitama)
  【Overcoming weakness as a Dental Hygienist】
12:00~ Corporate Seminar2 
12:50~ DH Symposium【Abstract】 
  Tips for jump up -From beginner to expert of microdentistry -

 ・Arina Iwayama(Wakayama)
【Different uses to expand the "back surface mirror technique"】
  ・Yumi Oka(Hyogo)
【Get over your weak points!~How to use curved or straight tips for scaling with microscope~】
  ・Yumi Sato(Tokyo)
【The Practice!Periodontal Instrumentation with Microscope】
14:20~ Symposium 2
  The Modern Microscopic-endo-restorative Technique【Abstract】

 ・Norihiro Sawada (Tokyo)
   【Clinical decision making of Endodontist】
  ・Katsuyuki Atsumi (Saitama)
  【Consideration of modern techniques in foundation restoration】
  ・Tetsuya Uchiyama (Tokyo)
   【Minimally invasive Prosthodontic treatment using all ceramics】
16:45~ Closing Ceremony