Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry

Call for Abstracts

 ★Deadline for Abstract Submission

■Final Date for Submission of Abstracts:
 Friday, December 18, 2020, 12:00 p.m(TYO).

  1.First authors are limited to members of JAMD.
  2.It's desirable that co-authors are also members of JAMD.
  3.If you include co-authors who is not the members of JAMD,
 we will inform them about JAMD membership.
   ●Admission fees:5,000yen
   ●annual membership (fees):
     General member:13,000 yen
     Associate member:5,000yen
  4.All presenters are requested to follow the rules of COI.

 Application Requirements

■Presentations should be about the designation, treatment and research with microscope in the dental field.
■Presentation Style
General Session – This meeting accepts ORAL presentation (movie) only.
■Presentation: 10min, discussion: (Under review)
Please give an oral presentation within the time so that our conference will finish smoothly.
■The language of presentation is limited to English or japanese. For presentations in English,we will translate them into japanese,but we cannot guarantee the quality.
■Please make movies by yourself. We recommend to edit the presentation movie with OBS (free software for editing). Please put the presenter scenery at the corner of the movie.
■Or you can record your presentation; show your slide on the TV, stand beside and give the presentation.
(Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpz1c0QaWrg)
■The deadline of submission of presentation video is expected to be around the end of February. You will get the precise information after a while.
■For submissions, notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the registered e-mail address until the end of December, 2020.
■Download 4 forms below and fill them out. Submit them by email to the secretariat as an attached file.
 2.List of Presenters
 3.Question List
 4.COI Declaration Form

Please answer questions in all sincerity and on your own responsibility.
・Please use the MS-Word templates for submitting your presentation.
・The title should be no longer than 60 characters including spaces, affiliation should be concise and the abstract no longer than 33 lines.
The abstract must contain the following information:
 Presentation style: Research
  Category Item
   (3)Material and Methods
 Presentation style: Case reports and invention or improvement of techniques and devices
  Category Item
   (4)treatment plan and progress
Methods, Results, etc. should be described clearly, with numerical values and the statistical analysis methods used, where possible. Invention or improvement of techniques and devices should also be described clearly.
Presentations, abstracts and presentation data can be prepared in English. The program that will be published on the website is PDF file only (English version will be provided).
 ※ The presentation title, name of presenter, and co-presenters should be listed in the application.
Abstract Submission Method
Email address:*****
Please send us 4 files; abstract, list of presenters, question list, and COI declaration form.

 ■Notification of Receipt of Abstracts
Please write the mail subject for submission the abstract as "Application for the Oral Presentation".
For registration confirmation, notification will be sent to the registered e-mail address within 7 days. If you don't get any e-mail or if you any question, please contact the following:*****