Japan Association of Mcroscopic Dentisry

Activity Plan/Goa

Our Activity Plan

The Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry was established in December 2004 with the purpose of spreading the usage of dental microscopes to dental practices. At the Second Annual Meeting which was held in April 2005, experts gave lectures in the fields of root canal treatment, periodontal surgery, restoration, and dental prosthetics to an audience of university faculty members and doctors in private practice. We are planning to continue holding annual meetings and to report our major activities on our home page. We will hold various events at our Annual Meetings including board of trustees’ meetings, general meetings, general announcements, special lectures, and symposiums. Our website contains many types of helpful information such as our online journal (case studies), our newsletter, and a forum for discussing specific medical cases.

Our Goal

By establishing our association, we aim to contribute to the health of our community so they can live fulfilling lives. We support this goal by providing advanced and accurate diagnoses from the usage of microscopes in the dental industry. In order to support this mission, dental professionals become members to:

1.Develop, improve and educate themselves to give accurate and reliable diagnoses from dental microscopes

2.Develop, improve and educate themselves to provide accurate and reliable treatment by using dental microscopes

3.Develop and improve dental microscope technology to improve accuracy and reliability

When each member devotes themselves to the items above, we will enhance dental treatment, increase our education level, and spread reliable treatment to our community.